Vivabeat was an 80s Techno band discovered by Peter Gabriel and had a hit with Man from China

1979 - 1986

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Rock video of Vivabeat The House is Burning, 80s new wave music that won MTV award

THe Vivabeat Story

Vivabeat was an LA-based techno-pop band that was active from 1978 into the mid-1980s. It was most well-known for being discovered and signed to its first record deal by Peter Gabriel, as the first American band on the British label, Charisma Records.

The band released one album on Charisma, "Party in the War Zone", which was produced by Jeffrey Lesser and included the band's most successful song, "Man From China". The song became a Top 20 dance hit in Europe, the US and in Hong Kong.

A second release was an eponymously titled EP featuring the production of Earle Mankey and the guitar  playing of Rob Dean. It featured the song "The House is Burning (but there's no one home)" which, along with its video, appeared in Brian DePalma's film "Body Double" and won an 80s music MTV Award for best video from a new band.  

The band spent several years touring and playing shows with iconic groups like the B-52s, Depeche Mode, Gang of Four, Human League, The Thompson Twins and Wall of Voodoo, before slowly winding down in 1984.

In 2001, Permanent Press Records released a best of Vivabeat album titled "The Good Life 1979 - 1986" which also featured tracks from See Jane Run, a Vivabeat spin-off band.

Band Members

Original members included:

Terrance Robay - Vocals

Marina del Rey (Marina Muhlfriedel) -  Keyboards and Vocals

Connie de Silva - Keyboards and Vocals

Mick Muhlfriedel - Bass Guitar

Alec Murphy - Guitar

Doug Orilio - Drums

Additional members through the years included: guitarists Rob Dean, Steve Lynch and Jeff Gilbert, vocalists Cindy Hope and Peggy Max, and drummer Chris Schendel

Three of Vivabeat's original members died of AIDS, Alec Murphy in 1986, Connie de Silva in  1991 and Terrance Robay in 1994.

The House is Burning (but there's no one home)

This was Vivabeat's second video. It was featured in Brian DePalma's film, "Body Double" (along with Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax", arguably one of the best 80s songs) and won an MTV new wave music award.

Man from China

Vivabeat's "Man From China" was a signature song of 80s music and first appeared on the band's debut album, "Party in the War Zone" on Charisma Records. Unfortunately, the full video won't play here. You can hear the song, but will need to go to YouTube to see it! New wave music rules!


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